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I've mentioned this before, but what the heck...........

I have an XM Delphi Radio with cradles attached to my home entertainment system, a boombox cradle in my office, one in the shop and a car kit installed in my 03 Cobra (before I sold it). The boomboxes have an antenna that folds flat against the back of the radio when not in use and folds out for reception. It works fine in the house, in my shop and anywhere else I carry it. It will sometimes lose signal for a moment if you walk near it or move it quickly, however once it aquires a signal it hangs on pretty well. The car kit's antenna was installed by a professional installer who attached it to the dash at the point it meets the windshield. I never had a reception problem with it mounted in the car. Heck, the antenna for my home system is sitting on top of shelf in my living room and it works just fine.

I installed the antenna on my XLR because I like XM radio and there were no other options. After a week the antenna became part of the car and blends in a whole lot better than the ones on other cars out there.
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