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XM Antenna Options

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Has anybody heard of any other Antenna options other than drilling a hole in the trunk for the factory one? I seem to remember some rumblings when the topic surfaced before, but I wanted to see if anyone had and positive alternatives. Thanks.
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There was a very extensive string several months back on this topic. Not saure which are it was in or what the title was, but flipping through the old strings might lead you there.

A couple of folks talked about after market antennas, but apparently it is difficult to get into the radio system and if you use the connection in the trunk and keep the antenna inside, the performance is reduced.

I originally did not even order the XM option, but changed my mind after seeing a car with the antenna and hearing everyone praise XM. I have had the car for 4 months, and aside from seeing the antenna in the rearview mirror, it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, have had no one who looks at the car even ask about it or say it looks ugly. I think most people are used to these antennas sticking out of the roof or some other place.
Thanks, I remember the thread too.. I was just checking to see if anybody had actually installed it and to see if there were any positive outcomes. I may just have to break down and have my factory one installed.. thanks for your feedback.
I was one of the ones discussing the antenna. After weighing the looks versus signal loss benefits of *trying* to installing an after-market, I had the factory antenna installed. Now the antenna is just part of the car - it would look funny without one.

BTW, XM is presently playing every "hit" record from 1930s to 2000. They are presently in the year 1964, which included the hit song "Don't put Beans in Your Ears". Who knew?
Thanks! I just wanted to see if there was anything out there before drilling my beautiful car.
XM antenna

Is this antenna a delicate thing? Does it have to be removed in the car wash? I'm orderring my car tomorrow. Is this XM radio worth getting?

Not delicate at all. Its like a little turtle on the truck.

Does not and cannot be removed easily.

Very much worthwhile. There is a poll questions and other strings on XM.

The best thing is to order it and not install the antenna until you see the car. You can then make the judgement about whether to install. But, you will have the radio installed, in case you want to put the antenna on later ( or sell it).

If you don't order the XM radio option from the factory, it cannot be added later!!!!!

I love mine.
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So where do they put the Onstar antenna now?

I think someone sdaid that the onstar is "buried" in the windshield header.

In one of the other strings, someone said "why can't they put the XM there too"?
Eyedoc, that is a good question. I'll try some speculation...

1) The XM signal frequencies are different than that of an analog cell phone frequency or GPS. The need for line of sight and the apparent signal loss from glass are one of the reasons that the rear deck inside the XLR wasn't used. I suspect the cell antenna position is no different in signal strength than that of the rear deck position.

2) Possibility that they ran out of room and didn't want the box to become too big. It is funny how little I notice that box anymore except when someone mentions it (thanks alot :) )

XM Radio opinion

Love it! My favorites are "Hank's Place". Old timey Hank Williams style classic country. :thumbs followed by "Watercolors" fusion jazz :thumbs

All commercial free

The choices are so endless that it almost makes bringing CD's obsolete.

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