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xlr wheels

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Has anyone had a problem with the wheels getting scratched by a car wash? :cry
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Pima Cotton

The Mercedes lady on TV uses Pima cotton towels. maybe you need to buy some for your car wash. I know, that's a bad word on a Cadillac forum.:smash
I know there are Pima Indians in Arizona, but is that the same spelling as pima cotton? anybody?
Yes, pima is correct.

I ebelieve it is a blend/hybrid of egyptian and native american cotton.
Are we talking a mechanized car wash where the wheel is trapped and moved along by a conveyor-style system, or are you frequenting a hand-style car wash? I have had cars in the past that had wide wheels and one with rolled edge style wheels similar to our stock ons that were dinged up by the mechanized car washes.
No, but the weels do extend out to the side more than one might think, and it is very easy for the unwary to mar them against a curb while parking. I did a number on my front right the first time I parked it on a street, less than a week after I had picked it the car at the dealearship. I was more embarrased than pissed, and have been very careful since.
wheels scratched

The car went through the wsh and there was a brush-style wheel cleaner in the "brushless" wash. Scratched the wheels with small scratches all over....
Sorry to hear that, if they are not too bad you may be able to have them rubbed or polished out.

I tend to shy away from car washes, they just seem to always cause problems. Those same brushes scrub the mud off a four-wheeler, then use that same dirt to scratch your wheels.

I've only run the XLR through a car wash once, in Carmel last year we picked up a ton of sea spray while cruising around the golf course.

Here in the Valley you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a car wash of some sort, however in water-strapped Carmel car washes are considered the alter of the conservative........damn liberals!
Car Washes???

At the risk of sounding like a liberal:

Our XLR has never even been close to a car wash. :eek

Inside car washes lurk the worse kinds of debris to scratch your car. To wit:

Rotary brushes trap sand particles which slowly abrade your XLRs clear coat. :eek

High Pressure jets, loosen debris on one part of your car, only to sandblast another part. :eek

The towels those attendants use? What did they wipe before they scraped off your clear coat? :eek

Don't you love those "lower" brushes that schlep across your muddy tires before they scrape your wheels and rocker panels? :eek

And those grinning :D wax-on, wax-off guys? Those rotary buffers make me cringe. :eek :eek :eek

Evidence of the above is found in the tiny "spider web" scratches and swirl marks that accumulate on your clear coat - seen best when your car is very clean.

The best way to preserve your finish is the following five step process:
1) Hand wash with very clean boars bristle brush or lambs wool wash mitt;
2) Dry with microfiber drying towels. Do NOT use standard terrycloth that has any polyester;
3) "Clay" the paint to remove micro debris clinging to the finish;
4) Polish to remove spider webbing and swirl marks; and
5) Hand wax with carnuba car wax - preferrably two coats.

For the perfectionist, doing this is very satisfying. Mentally cleansing. Relaxing and good exercise all at the same time. And you car will look better than the day it rolled off the showroom floor. If all this sounds like too much trouble.....well, for you, it probably is.

PS - I forgot the sixth step in the "five step" process. Wax your wheels.

Remind me not to swing any dead cats when in the Valley :glol
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Alot of the car nuts (like us) are beginning to sing the praises of drying their cars with leaf blowers. I know, sounds nuts, but many say it eliminates any issues with dragging a towel across the surface and has the added benefit of helping force water out of the troublesome corners, side mirror housings, the trunk gaskets, etc.

I've never tried it, but then I've never tried Captain Morgan but lots of people seem to like the stuff........I stick to my Bacardi Limon over ice with a cold Pacifico chaser, or is it the other way around??
mswaim said:
I stick to my Bacardi Limon over ice with a cold Pacifico chaser, or is it the other way around??
After two, does it matter? BTW - How was Cabo?

Standard terry towels can be bad if they have polyester. However Micro-fiber towels (available for about $3 at Wal-Mart) are 100% polyester, but the fibers are so small they won't hurt the paint. Drying or buffing - they work for both, so long as they stay clean. I usually run through 5-7 towels when detailing my car.

Regarding blowing, yes the leaf blower, or compressed air from your air compressor is a fast and safe way to remove water quickly. Best to blow off the driveway first to remove loose debris.

Can you say obsessve-compulsive personality disorder? Sick. Aviator is very sick. :crazy
I've been trying to convince my wife to buy me an air compressor for years... She thinks I'm sick too.
Cabo was great, as always. We have some friends that just finished their re-location to a house they built in Playa Santa Maria, a few miles down the road from Cabo. They are helping us look for a lot in the area so we can get to work on a place for ourselves. Currently we rent a villa in Cabo when we go down, but our intention is to retire there so we will need to build something that suits both our needs.

As far as washing/drying, I've got a buddy who owns a Culligan Water business. He set me up with a R/O water filter in my garage that feeds into a 25 gallon tank. We fitted the tank with an air valve that allows me to pressurize the tank with my portable air compressor. It takes the filter a few days to fill the tank, but the 25 gallons easily rinses two cars for me. Drying is a snap since there is no residue or water spotting. I use 100% cotton bath towels to mop up any extra water and to wipe down the wheels.

You can buy the filters and parts in any local hardware store and duplicate my setup.
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Yeah Buddy.

I was trying not to reveal the full measure of my disorder, but you guys are drawing me out. :crazy

I confess to also washing my car only with softened water. The "drinking" water is so bad here, I put in a whole house system. Highly recommended for downstream locations. No spotting.

BTW - Both Sears and Ace Hardware are having a sale on both leaf blowers and air compressors. Don't wait for your wife. There is entirely too much testosterone in places that sell such devices. Women just don't venture in. :nodno
I have 5 black cars. It use to drive me nuts trying to dry them before getting water spots. I bought a whole house system (I can't remember the brand but they advertise it is the same system used on the space shuttle).

Everysince then I can wash the car outside, pull it into the garage and let it drip dry. Also, the Mr. Clean auto wash really works well.

When I do dry the car by hand I find the best way is with a chamises. However, you need to make sure that it is clean and wet (just like a woman) before you use it.

I guess you guys don't lease...

You guys crack me up! Call me too short on time, but I drive thru the car wash every week or 2, then I go home and touch-up with a wet, clean Chamois if needed. Aviator, I'm shocked that you didn't mention waxing the sidewalls with a tire applicator kit ($2-5.00) which takes me about 4 minutes.

Car looks hot & I get major compliments.

I leased the car, and if there are any micro scratches from the wash--I haven't noticed, and neither have any of the dozens of "droolers" I've talked to in the last year (I do try not to look as hard as you guys, I guess! :skep ).

I did Xymol (carnuba) wax her myself a couple of times, but I think I'm taking her to the Irvington, NY detailing shop to have them do it for $100.00 (save time).

My XLR is going back to GMAC in 3 years, unless my dealer talks me into a shorter term "upgrade," which is unlikely since the V has a paltry 60 HP improvement.

When they bolt the STS 440HP unit to the V (next year?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) I'm gonna get really interested +120HP is gonna make a difference! Until then, this car is TEMPORARY. I'd probably lease the new one as well--why upgrade a rental?

I want it to look good, but who (besides you 3 above) has the time to spend hours every week, not to mention the NY winters, where a "mild" winter is 35 degrees and we typically turn the outside water off for the winter (frozen/burst pipes suck :yesnod ).

I hope I won't get blacklisted from for being so sacriligious! :nodno

PS Rick, you cracked me up with the joke! :glol
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Irvington, NY

Hey Dadonator, you're in Irvington? My office is there. Haven't seen you around the area. My XLR is Xenon Blue. Where's the detail shop? You're not talking about that wash on 119 near the Saw mill, are you?
Wow...2 xlr's in the same of us has to sell!!!! :)
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