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Xlr Vhood

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I Am Getting Ready To Custom Paint My Xlr. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get The New V Hood?
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Thanks For The Reply On The Hood, I Will Probably Fabricate The Hood, I Just Thought That I Might Get Lucky And Just Buy On. I Am Finishing My Paint Work On My 03 Viper. I Had The Car Apart For A Year But We Are Just About Done. That Car Has A Mid-evil Theme. That Is An Amzing Car. The Xlr Is Going To Be A Little More Simpler. The Car Is Black, So We Are Putting Fip Flop Gost Flames. I Am Also Going To Lower It And Put Rims On It.
The Gost Flames Look Great, The Crimson Red Xlr In The Pics, Do You Know What The Used To Lower The Car?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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