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Xlr Vhood

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I Am Getting Ready To Custom Paint My Xlr. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get The New V Hood?
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TROY B said:
The Gost Flames Look Great, The Crimson Red Xlr In The Pics, Do You Know What The Used To Lower The Car?
:eek hey! that's my car!....who the hell lowered my car??? :glol

I like it!! :thumbs

That's a Photoshop....the original is in the gallery too.

Eibach was working on lowering springs about 6 months ago,
(so they claimed) they would be my choice.

It's my understanding, and maybe somebody will help me here, that like the vette, factory adjustments can get you half to one inch lower. My dealer gave me all the instructions for the trim adjustments, but I haven't studied it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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