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XLR-V or SL55/600

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hey! i know most people here would take an xlr over a sl500, but would you get a XLR-V or SL55/600 if you were in the market for a 500hp roadster??? :seeya
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If, (and this is a big if) the XLR V rides like the XLR with the power of a Z06 (which is what we think it will be) then the V will be my choice.
it depends if it had about 500 horsepower; if it did, i'd get the xlr, if it has 425 or less, i'd get the sl55/600 (same car and horsepower, just V-8 or V-12)
V HorsePower

Before everyone gets to carried away with those pie in the sky HP numbers. I think you should seriously think about this. The XLR is GM's "Luxury Performance" roadster, it is not a solid top coupe.

The XLR is for someone that is willing to give up some of the great feel and handling of the C5, remember the XLR was designed as the C5 in a tuxedo. That is why Hp numbers were kept below those of the C5. You may want to use that thought process when comparing the XLR v to those of the later coming C6 z06.

Thank you
True enough. But, this is also suppose to be a statement car. Cadillac has in developement a v12 that will be in the Escalade in 06 and they have shown off a v16 as well as a super car. While it is only rumor, it is believed that those engines are going to fined there way into cars. Cadillac wants a performance division with the V series, so if you are going that route, you have to go big.
XLR v HorsePower

Power is important, but it can't surpass two important GM statements for the XLR.

1- To be a premier "luxury Performance Roadster".

2- Performance can't exceed that of GM's premier sports car.

Just a thought, look at the current C5 performance is scaled higher than that of the XLR. When the Z06 comes out, you can count on that using the same formula.

The above is the way it should be, we have all the luxury/comfort features that will not see their way to the C6. Thus the C6 has the performance features that we will not see on the XLR.

2 vehicles, same platform, different powertrains and two very distinct different missions in the market place.

Thank You
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But then where are they going to put the V12 that they are currently getting ready to put into production? Is it only for the Escalade? I don't think so. Cadillac is going to be the GM High Line. That means Horsepower as well as luxury. They have not spent all this development dollars for a truck engine.

Trucks do out sell cars and yes they have been working on a truck engine like you have been talking about for some time.
Again, you are correct! However, not at Cadillac.
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