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XLR-V 440hp confirmation

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I attended the Houston Auto show this weekend, and I must say it was a bit of a disappointment. :yawn The Cadillac Sixteen concept car was on display, and was very impressive. :thumbs The poor old platinum XLR display model was totally swarmed, with a new butt on the seat an average of every thirty seconds. Maybe I have a jaundiced eye, but it certainly seemed to me that the XLR and the C6 were the most "sat-upon" exhibits at the show. :thumbs

That driver's side seat cushion was flat as a pancake. The show is a good Life Expectancy verification test for seat cushions, I guess.

There was a representative from Cadillac there talking about the STS and the soon-to-arrive 440hp STS-V. I asked him about the XLR-V and he confirmed that it would have the 440hp powerplant, as well. I regard that as good news. :yesnod

Also of note were the Ford GT, Lexus SC, the Mini Cabrio JCW, C6 vette Z06, the Hummer H3, and they tried to impress everyone with that over done Daimler Maybach - which left me cold. (I like to drive!)

Biggest turn-off: BMW 6 series. They just gotta do something with that back end! What are they thinking? :puke

So what was the disappointment, you ask? The small number of concept vehicles is apparently a bellweather of current financial problems in the auto industry.

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In reguard to the lack of concept vechicles, GM had it's best year ever financially last year.
We were lucky enough to be invited to the track showing of the Ford GT following the Concours and Christies auction in Pebble Beach/Monterey in 2003. Several people (exluding me....) were lucky enough to run the car around the track at Laguna Seca, including Jay Leno who helped auction off the car the previous night.

If my memory is correct, the rights to the first actual production model went for more than a half-million.

All I can say is that car sounded just plain wicked as it run through the gears.
Just seems like they can't keep it quit till Sunday. Sure hope you're right. I have a deposit check all made out.
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