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XLR Torture Tests

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Just thought I'd pass along some of those "amazing facts" concerning the torture tests the XLR test fleet is being put through. The test fleet is located at the Milford proving grounds in Michigan. The fleet consists of pre-production and production-level XLRs.

- The fleet is driven daily and has over half a million miles collectively on the fleet.

- The driving conditions include artifical snow and ice.

- Automatic car washers are included in the tests as well.

- In addition to driving, the cars are placed in a water tank and sprayed with 3,600 gallons of water in a high pressure spray for 8 minutes.

- The tops of the vehicles are being test raised and lowered, as well. Currently the fleet tops have been raised and lowered 22,800 times. This is said to be equivalent to two top cycles a day through the year 2035.

Any other amazing testing facts will be appended to this thread.
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This is an example of why GM quality is getting better and better while Ford goes downhill.
Yesterday we put our new XLR though an automatic touchless car wash, naturally with the top firmly in place. Water and soap literally ran in on both sides of the retractable hartop at the edges of the windshield frame. We had water and soap running on us, down the interior of both doors, on the seats, and on the carpet. Is this fixable?
Water Leak

My gut feeling is that your side rails of your top are not seating correctly, here is what you should look for and simply correct.

Where the roof closes there is a cup in the rubber windshield pilar mldg. There is a drain hole there, If the cup is slightly folded over by the side roof w/strip instead of sliding in to the cup water will come inside the car instead of draining out. I have seen this happen and it is easy to correct by making sure the side w/strip slides into the cup.

If it is cool outside after washing the rubber may bend over and block the hole, just simple watch for it and if it happends you need to reposition the lip of the cup.

Thank You
Allen, thanks for the feedback. Also, thanks for the advice on tire pressure and exterior paint care in talking with you on the phone today.
I had/have a leak in the top at the rear hinges just over your head on both sides when I have the car washed in a touchless car wash. I DON'T have one anywhere on the windshield. I took it to my dealership and they told me NOT to have the car washed in a car wash that there is to much pressure beening used in them. I have tried three different ones and all make it leak in the same place. If I hand wash it I don't have a leak so there much be something to that but when I read here about all the torture test these cars go thru so I called another dealership but they also told me not to go thru any car washes... I have not had the car out in a hard rain yet so I am not sure if it will leak then or not.
I can/could put up with this minor flaw if needed because the XLR does so much more then my classic 1988 560 SL ever did and it leaked like a seive any time it got water on it. :rolleyes
I've been in a very heavy rain with no problems.
It should be raining here tomorrow so maybe I will test it out.
Rain in DC

Mine has been through several DC thunderstorm without a drip.

I never took my Corvette through a car wash (had it 13 years) and don't intend to take th XLR. I just don't want to recycled water.

There is always detailing. The are some places that set you up on a program (every week or two, and they give you a better rate).
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