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XLR Speaker Questions ?????

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My latest in the series of "amazing XLR questions"...

What are the specific locations and sizes of XLR speakers? Here is what I know:

The 250 (total) Watt Bose speaker system consists of:

- 9 total speakers
- Includes : 2-10" subwoofers; 4-fill speakers (two in each seat); 2-outboard speakers; 1-center channel

Does anyone have the specific locations of the subwoofers and outboard speakers? Also where is in the center channel located (obviously in the center console, but where?)? Is the reason for this setup for DVD surround sound (Dolby Digital?)? Is this a modified version of the Seville audio system?

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speaker location

1. a 3.5in mid/high range speaker on either side of the instrument panel.

2. A 3.5 in center speaker in the middle of the instrument panel.

3. A pair of 2in speaker in each seatback.

4. A 10 in woofer in each door.

That is 9 speakers plus the Bose digital amp/Eq module with Audio Pilot noise compensation... Should be AWESOME..:party
Thank you! That is a great help. I hope the speaker balancing is done properly since I doubt that the user can do much.

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