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XLR Sadillite Radio

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I am interested in know ing if the radio will ordk for local channels if you don't want to subscribe and pay $20 bucks forever to listen to local stations.

I order my car without the radio and they keep putting it back on the list.

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With satelite radio your car will still get regular radio stations. The satelite is switched on like another input. (like going from radio to CD. :D
The cost is actually $9.95 a month. There are savings for signing up for a 2 or more year contract.

More information on XM Radio can be found at:

The XM Radio receiver is actually separate from the FM/AM receiver. It comes in as a separate input which is selected on the left side of the Nav/Radio touchscreen.
I get regular radio and I have the XM radio installed, but didn't have the dealer put on the antenna. I can't help thinking the antenna will hurt the look of the lines of the car. I don't even know where it goes and neither does the dealer!
WOW! So the antenna is not on the trunk lid? So it won't break any lines!?! How cool! I'm going to have my antenna installed. And yes, it is painted to match the car color. Thanks for the info!:thumbs

I am curious, When I was asked what color I wanted the dealer told me that the first cars were only available in Platinum and that XM radio was not available at this time. Obviously some have been delivered with XM installed and in other colors. Can't figure out why this is the case. I wanted a Black car with the XM radio option. Perhaps they can install one later.:(

Dick Shonk
You would probably have to contact a Cadillac personal advisor to help answer that and get an official explanation.

From my experience here is what I have observed. The dealership orders the XLR in a specific color and option(s). For XLRs the dealerships seem to be notified that they may now order x number of XLRs. The number allocated to each dealership varies based on a number of factors including the "quality" of the dealership (I'm not sure exactly how that is computed). Once the dealership is told they may order x amount, they have a specific length of time in which they must order.

Again this is just speculation on my part (very dangerous at times) - If you went to a dealership that had already ordered their allotment of XLRs without already having buyers, then you probably can only purchase what they already ordered. If, on the other hand, you went to a dealership that had not yet placed their order with Cadillac, then the order can be taylored to your specs. Everything being equal, the order that was placed first is also going to be delivered first.

One question I asked a number of dealerships in this area were how many XLRs were you allocated. I went with an excellent dealer who was high on the number of XLRs allocated for the reasons I listed above.

Hope that helps. Again, you probably want to contact Cadillac if you have concerns about how your order was created.

P.S. It is tough to say whether the factory XM Radio can or cannot be installed later. The XM Radio appears to be a separate module and (I think) the software is in the XLR whether it is installed or not. You might contact a Delphi rep, the company that makes the XM-Radio module (but not the rest of the audio system) for the XLR. Their web address is:
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We have the XM Radio installed but have not installed the antenna. If your dealer says "the XM radios are not available for a while" that probably translates to "We didn't order our cars with it." You know how car salespeople can be.

I opened the box with my antenna, and the instructions show it being mounted about dead center of the trunk. I'm sure placement is very crucial, since putting it in the wrong place could scratch other parts or prevent the top from going down altogether if it created an obstruction. I suggest caution on this one.
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