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XLR Registry? Any thoughts??

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Hey guys,
I am interested in starting up the XLR Registry and have alot of information and backing about how exactly it will work. Does anyone here have any thoughts about this and if you would pay $50 a year to join the Registry and have meets and information with the XLR quarterly? Also is anybody wanting to help me start up this? I also live in Bowling Green, KY so I have alot of hookups at the plant and get all the information first. Thanks and have a great day!

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Sounds good. What info do you have, and exactly how will it work
I will have all of the information about the XLR. All the specs and info. I am hoping to team up with XLRForum to get a forum on our site also. Hoping to have a Member's section so you can post pics of your Car. Maybe when the mods come out you can buy mods from us. You will be able to have newsletters quarterly sent to your door. We will have meets across the country with XLR's coming together. There will be alot of neat ideas, what are some ideas you have that I haven't hit yet?
Sounds great, but don't you need to have an owner first.. Anyone have any idea of when the 1st car will be delivered.:leaving

I will have an XLR for two weeks during shutdown at the plant. Is anybody interested in getting pictures of any certain parts of the car? Just let me know if you are curious what something looks like. Or if you would like I could make video's of the top coming up and down for those of you who have yet to experience this. I will be in the XLR during the Corvette 50th Anniversary in Bowling Green and in Nashville.. I can't wait, it will be a blast.

Also would you guys look into a forum over at XLRRegistry or would you be more interested in staying here at this forum?

Rich Howard
I would like to know the final location of the XM radio antena.

I can definitely find that for you, and get you a picture. Also I wanted to see if you guys would check out and see what you think of that design, it's just a big image but I am breaking it up into HTML and then going to be changing some of the text in the menu's and also making a very neat logo with the XLR logo used on the side of the car, but just wanted to get first impressions. Thanks!
Looks good, can't wait to register. Do you know if after the shutdown will the Bowling Green be tooled for full time XLR production. What are the dates of the shutdown..
pamlicopirate they are already tooled for fulltime. All of the XLR Employee's are currently working 12 hours a day and also working 7 days a week. They are producing 7 XLR's a day which is very quick for what all has to be done for the XLR. But yes after the shutdown they will still be running the 7 XLR's a day production.
XLR Registry

Yes, I would be interested in such a "club".:iagree

Would be interested in joining. My vehicle went in to production on 6/23.:cheers
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