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As I have stated before the XLR presently performs very well, however having said that, I predict that you will see performance beyond your wildest expectation in the reasonable future.

* 2005 bet you will see Supercharger and other improvements
in the 400 HP range.

* 2006 bet you will see V-12 500 HP or better.

Cadillac has opened Pandora's Box and it this writers belief that they can, and will become, truly again "The Standard of the World". They have the technology, the Corporate Vision and I believe they will "Strike While The Iron Is Hot". It has nothing to do with Corvette, the Corvette buyer is not affected by what Cadillac does or does not do. This Marque is after the Luxury High Performance market and by offering degrees of power and other high end options to the people who can afford it--and there are more than you may think, they will succeed. They have already altered the landscape! Look how Daimler-Chrysler is already scampering to get a piece of this market with their 4/12
Luxury High Performance offering. It didn't take them long and Cadillac better not hesitate if they are to accomplish their goal.
I am betting on GM to stand up and show the world who they really are. "Go get em and make us proud"

Dick Shonk

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I don't believe that Cadillac can compete toe to toe with the big boys.

First of all who are the "Big boys"?

The ONLY competitor that I see is the SL.

Not only will they compete, they just may win once the xlr really gets into circulation.

The SL is a little too low and the ride is way too stiff. So toe to toe....the xlr beat the sl when *I* was the judge and my checkbook placed the vote.

And I would venture to say that the depreciation on the SL is a lot more than the xlr over the next few years. Not that it even matters, but it illustrates that when going toe to toe, the xlr is no slouch.
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