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XLR on "Alias" (1/26/05)

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This Wednesday's (1/26/05 at 9PM EST) episode of Alias features a Black XLR with a tan interior, based on previews of the episode. In the previews the top is down and it appears to be in a dealer showroom. Towards the end of the preview the XLR is in motion.

Should be interesting to see if any "optional extras" have been added by the special effects folks.

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Anyone catch this episode? I as in the air.
Yep, had a black one on a turntable in the background, then she dove into and had a shoot out with some bad guys, hope they didn't hit the XLR. They also had this thing burning rubber like no tomorrow. I can't even do that with the TC/stabilitrack off. Maybe it was the V, but I doubt it.
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