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I keep forgetting to mention this BUT .....

If your interior is getting dirty or greasy (from you or the mechanic) OR you have shoe scuff marks on your door OR your steerring wheel or console is dirty,

Just use one of those new Mr. Clean sponges. ALL of that stuff comes right off and leaves the interior just like new. NEAT!!! Just wet it and go to work then wipe dry with a soft towel or paper towel. Repeat as necessary.

Put the Mr. Clean sponge in a plastic sandwich bag and keep it in the car --damp so you can use it if something happens when you are away from the house.

It sure is better than some of those harsh cleaners.



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I could not agree more about the "Magic Eraser" -- and thanks for the idea about the ziploc bag! I'm frankly shocked how useful that little product is, from cleaning paint at home, to grime on patio furniture, to brake dust (yep, they work great on the wheels, too).

<End of raving infomercial>
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