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xlr for sale

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2004 Crimson Pearl with shale interior. Brand new, never titled sitting on showfloor. Sticker price $76525 no documentation fees.
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Why are you putting your XLR up for sale?

We are a new car dealership. This is just a stock unit for sale. We don't sell for over sticker and have no documentation fees. We are a smaller Cadillac dealership who just has not taken a ton of orders for XLRs none the less we have one for sale.
RBroom- Can you shoot me a few pictures(e-mail if you want) looking to purchase for my wife. Regards,Paul

Totally understand. I purchased a NM XLR for my wife for our 25th Anniversary and we got #25 of the NM run.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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