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Took my XLR to the dealer for some warranty work. The dealer is a full service GM dealer, but has the Cadillac sales/service/parts department in it's own area.

The large garage door for ingress was crumpled up on the ground with a new one in it's place. Same was true of the exit door. Evidently a gentleman with a Corvette the night before crashed through the door, almost ran over the night watchman, screamed down through the service bays, crashed out the back door, drove throgh the customer overnite parking deliberatley hitting cars and made his escape.

When apprehended he claimed "God told him to do it"

I think it was just a case of XLR envy. :yesnod

Humor aside it was sad to see the owner's distress while looking at their cars :eek

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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