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xlr driving

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Hi - I am new to this site but wanted to let everyone know that I did have the opportunity to drive the new xlr and compare it to competitive vehicles. I spent two days driving and experiencing these cars and all i can say is wow! Cadillac is finally coming through with incredible technology and an awesome product lineup. If you have any questions I will sure try to answer them. It's nice to see there are people that are enthusiastic about this sportscar!
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That's great to hear! :cool: I'm looking forward to a test drive.
Some Gotta Asks...

AjoXLR, First thanks for the offer to answer questions. I have many but I'll try to limit to a few. I apologize if this is too many.

- How is the ride in comparison to a luxury sedan?
- With the roof closed how noise is the engine in idle or while driving?
- What is your perception of build quality?
- Did you try out the voice recognition system?
- Was the HUD easy to view?
- What color interior did you see and how did you like it (too dark, too light)?
- What was your general impression on acceleration compared to a Jag, a Lexus or an Infiniti (if you've driven those)?

OK, that was probably too many questions. Whatever you get to would be great. Thanks! I've heard we're at least a month away from seeing one here.

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Questions answered

I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. The ride quality of the XLR is great. I don't think it can compare to some of the luxury sedans however. It drives like a very comfortable sportscar. The magnetic ride control helped create a very smooth ride along with the rear mounted transmission giving it the 50/50 weight distribution. The Vette is a lot less comfortable overall.

In comparing it to the Benz, Jag, & Lexus, it ranked up there with the benz. In fact I was very unimpressed with the lexus and jag. I would have thought they would have faired better. The Benz was a wonderful car. The one I drove however was $104,000 to be equipped similar to the xlr.

The engine noise was very quiet with the top up. I really didn't notice much during idle or road driving.

The HUD is wonderful. Easy to see with a variety of displays including the speedometer, turn signal indications, audio system, driver gear indicator, and the adaptive cruise control(which is awesome).
Overall build quality again was better than lexus and jag but the benz was high in my opinion. Is it worth the $30000 more? I would pick the xlr.
The interior has a very classy appearance. I saw the shale and the ebony interiors. The shale looked the best I thought.
Acceleration - off the line the xlr can take any of the vehicles I drove. The stats on the xlr are 0-60 in 5.9sec. !!! That beats the competitors without a doubt.
Unfortunately I did not get to try out the voice activation comands and do not have a lsit of them yet. We will be receiving the Neiman Marcus one shortly and I will get the information for you then.
Hope I helped a little.
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AjoXLR, that was great! That may be the best description I've read yet from someone who has actually seen and driven an XLR...

Thank you very much!
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