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XLR Diagnostic Codes

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Rather than discuss the legalities of a particular code, I thought a thread that just lists the discovered codes might be handy in the future (assuming more codes are found). When additional codes are found, please post them in this thread.

The codes may be entered into the Nav/Radio system but holding down the musical note button (the button above the round on/off/volume knob) for greater than three seconds. Enter the code and then press "Enter" followed by "Return".

The first code is 1791:

1791 - Allows DVD Video (w/audio) to be visible while the XLR is in motion.
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How do you know this? The last thing I want is to start plugging codes into my car that may screw it up.

What other codes are there?
The answer to your question is this forum...

Yes, if you screw-up your XLR with a code it is likely outside of the warranty. Also any legalities are your responsibility as well.

Having said that, I was kind-of intending this thread to be a list of the codes (once we find some more).
It works and doesn't screw anything up. I tried it :)

Like most things in the computer world, entering a code or password very rarely "screws somthing up". At least not premanently. It might cause errors until "rebooting".
does this code also allow you to enter a destination while the car is moving?
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