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XLR Commercials at the Big Football Game Whose Name is Trademarked

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At this Sunday's Sooper Bowl, Cadillac will feature two new commercials featuring (at least in part) the XLR. The first reportedly will air late in the third quarter. It featers a CTS-V morphing into an XLR. The XLR-only commercial is said to air during the post-game show.

If you have a subscription (may work without), you can find out more at:
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The above link works with no problem. Cool picture too!
Super Bowl/XLR/MPV

Hi Folks,

I very much agree XLR got a real good play during the Super Bowl. It's just to bad that the half time show was so low class and insulting to the American Flag during part of it.

It was great to see the Crimson Red XLR during the MVP portion of the event but as it turns out the MVP selected the Escalade. OOPS!

You more than likely know this by now.

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