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xlr coming at you....

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the XLR is suck a great car. i think it is the best convertible on the market right now, and you get what you pay for. with 320 horepower your not going to try to get up to them.

anthony cambece
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Ineffective communication skills

1_XLR said:
well yes i tink there should be bidder tiers on the car and more of a flashyer rim aswaell but the car is is still sick.

jessie cambece
Believe it or not "sick" in certain ethnicity's street lexicon means "very cool". :skep e.g. - that opposite thing - "bad" in a certain context means good, "hot" and "cool" are synonyms.

Jessie's "universe" is probably very small: likely he is totally immersed in some sort of "micro-culture" (high school, jr high or a gang), is likely male, young, not well educated or well traveled, and whose priority of being considered "cool" by his peers is his prime directive. Estimated developmental age: adolescent - 13-17.

It is amazing what one can surmise about the author from a few lines of text, eh?

But what do I know? :glol
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