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Xlr Club?

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We should start an XLR Club. This seems like the best place to start. Thoughts?
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Paul, are you sure you want to me a member of a club that would have you as a member? OK, old joke.

After giving it some thought, here's how I see this club progressing.

We'll need an attorney (one who owns an XLR hopefully) to create a corporation, probably non-profit. We'll need a CPA (again hopefully a member) to keep financial records. We need someone who will handle membership. We need someone who can produce either/or a printed newsletter and/or a Web-based newsletter (I can volunteer to do either of these but need someone to do the printing if we go that route). Last, I think we need someone to organize events. Wouldn't it be cool to all meet at the factory one day or at Pebble Beach's car show or Vegas?

In the meantime, I have contacted Cadillac to enlist their help, either financially (I'm not holding my breath) or in any other manner.
My silver XLR is due to be produced 10/27 and to arrive sometime during Mid November in hopefully snowless Highland Park, Ill....The idea for a club is great and u now have a non-practicing CPA who would be glad to keep the financial records.
Welcome aboard ctsvman!

I heard back from Cadillac that they received my request and will do some research and get back to me.
You're right!:D

If I ever get delivery, I can be a member!

Have now gotten a 4th delivery date. None of the others have made it, hopefully this one will. They 'think" that it will be on Fri.
I won't allow myself to get excited.

FYI: An XLR Club already does exist...

The following is quoted from the October 2003 issue of "The Self Starter" (official award-winning publication of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club) on page 3:
"THE ALLANTE-XLR CHAPTER IS UP AND RUNNING" In January 2003, the Allante Chapter was re-organized with Bob Klopfer (that's me), at the helm as director. The chapter has been actively recruiting members and we now have over 100 enthusiasts on board... The chapter produces four informative newsletters per year, we schedule events for our members and someday, we hope to be the largest chapter in the Cadillac-LaSalle Club. If you own an Allante or plan to buy an XLR, we strongly encourage you to join our chapter. Should you have a friend with an Allante or an XLR, please tell them about the CLC and us in particular. Also, be sure and tell them our slogan as well, "It's not just the car--it's the PEOPLE." We really do mean that... please call: Bob Klopfer at (847) 940-7777. Check out our web site at Welcome aboard for some great experiences with our growing chapter [of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club]."
In addition, I would encourage all XLR owners to become members of the marvelous Cadillac-LaSalle Club, and membership applications are available from: Mike & Nancy Book, CLC Office Managers, Vox: (614)478-4622; Fax: (614)472-3222; e-mail: [email protected] or by Mail: P.O. Box 360835, Columbus, OH 43236-0835.
Sorry this is rather long, but I suggest that you join these existing organizations, as the Cadillac LaSalle Club is reknown as one of the finest automotive marque enthusiast organizations in the world.
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Maybe this is the place I belong :) Selling my '93 Allante to buy the xlr :lurk
The above=mentioned club seems to be somewhat mid-western-centric. There is little support or events for people of either coast. It also is not exclusive to the XLR.

I think we still need to start an XLR club. I have not heard anything back from Cadillac yet.
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