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XLR: CAT-Back Exhaust System and Chrome Grilles

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I have a Crimson Pearl XLR I custom ordered and is scheduled for build on 12/20/04. Have been researching some planned custom mods after I take delivery and thought others may be interested in a couple of the items.

Lund Cadillac in Phoenix offers (2) CAT-Back Exhaust Systems. One uses a rectangular dual tip design (similar to the Foose/Lund XLR project recently on Rides) and a second version with round tips. Price for the rectangular is $1,995 installed and they say +20HP plus a better performance tone. They also offer a complete chrome grille for $1,895 installed. I believe they also will sell them as boxed units so an owner can install: Lund Performance Parts, Blake @ 602-375-4355.

Round Tips CAT-Back System:

Chrome Grille:


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I wonder if you can just buy the rectangular dual tips and put them on the stock system?

Blaise :thumbs
This exhaust look awesome. I have a satin nickle 05 that I think this would look terrific on. Will have to talk to Santa :party :party

Will have to check with my dealer
Camero tips on XLR

Yes, you can buy Camero tips, about $200 installed @ any Chevelet or muffler place. I have installed these on my XLR. The oval tips do not belong on the stealthy cuts of the XLR and the rectangle tips look a lot better. See photo on here and one more pic on next message below.
Rectangle tips for XLR

Here is the other pic I promised. Granted these are not as cool as the other, all in one rectangle ones. I too would take off my rectangle ones for those.

Those exhaust tips are awesome! Best I've seen for the car. First thing I've seen for the XLR that would make me want to alter my NM Edition.

By the way, has anyone seen wood kits for the XLR yet?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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