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XLR car cover

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Does anyone know if anyone is making a "XLR" car cover?
I have seen some that might work but it would be nice to have one that fits the car just right.

Blaise :thumbs
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You can purchase an XLR car cover at your Cadillac dealer's parts department. I think the list price is just about $400.

Cadillac provide on to each of the NM XLR buyers.

Members have found a great deal the what I believe is the XLR official car cover..none other than Mr. XLR has made it avaialble Here is the link--note it is on the bottm right of the page:
I just got my cover from MR. XLR..
It's a very nice cover and it fits the car like a glove. It is dark gray in color with a Cadillac emblem and the letters XLR in silver on the hood. It is very light in weight so one person can put it on.

I agree with motorboat the car cover is easy to put on, remove and looks great!


Xlr Cover

I have a new XLR cover (never taken out of the box) which I will be glad to sell and ship to the buyer. I am located in FL (West Coast). Received the cover as a NM owner.
Bill ([email protected])
I need a cover

I'm interested if you will post the price or PM me with the info. What is the color, I thought I read it was black with silver embroidery.
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