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Xlr Brake Line Recall Campaign

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In case you are curious--- I just had this campaign completed this morning. I also had the opportunity to peer over the shoulders of the mechanics as they did the proceedure.

What they are looking for in the rear is a cast tab on the rear end housing that is approximately 1/4 to 1/8" away from the new design 1/8" steel brake line that runs parallel to it across the rear of the car from one rear tire to the other. What they are asked to do is cut the casting tab off to allow for more clearance. Then they check the fron and rear line routing looking to see if all of the brake line hold down clips are in place and there is no damage to the line.

All told it takes just under an hour at most if you are the first one.



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You are right on the mark. I also had this done this morning and they did the same thing. Removed the tab and checked the other lines.
It took them about 1hr.

I asked them about the heat in the console but they did not know anything about that problem. They want me fax them the thing from this forum so they can read about it and call Cadillac.

Blaise :seeya
Local dealer

Took mine in this morning to have the brake line chekc done. The service counselor said they had had about 10 XLR's in so far and that 2 had the tab causing a problem and had to reroute the brakeline. One of them took 5 hours.

We will see about mine.

While waiting for rental, I looked in the showroom - they now have 2 XLR's (one inside on outside). They did not have any in the showroom last year. Looks like it is easier to get them now.
When I went to have my brake lines repaired they had two XLR's on the show room floor. A 2004 and a 2005 I could not see any thing difference in them but the color of the wood. I think the sticker on the 05 was only about $400.00 or $500.00 higher. If they are still trying to sell at MSRP I am sure I would pay the difference for the 05. But then I would never pay MSRP again like I did before...

Blaise :jester
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