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XLR and Dave McLellan

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I just thought I'd tell you guys a pretty cool story about the XLR and Dave McLellan.

This past November I visited the Corvette show in the Florida Keys called "Corvettes in Paradise". From what I understand there were close to 110 judged 'Vettes this year.... and as always former Corvette Chief Engineer Dave McLellan was there.

Friday evening as I was wandering around looking at all the cars someone said that Mr. McLellan was upstairs at a table, pretty much by himself. So I decided that I would go up and see if I could get close enough to perhaps have a quick word with him.

Indeed, when I entered the room, off against the far wall was the grey haired gentleman. And a TRUE gentleman. He had a small stack of his new book, Corvette From the Inside, in front of him.

Very casually I strode up to the table and began flipping through the book gleening as much Corvette history and Dave McLellan background as I could in 3 minutes before I began to speak with him. There was a very interesting read about some of the struggles Zora had at GM told through his now wise eyes.

He quietly introduced himself with a firm handshake. Like Corvettes elder statesman needed to introduce himself. I told him it was quite an honor to speak with him and we chatted for 10 or so minutes about all things Corvette.

I bought his book and he autographed it for my dad (an ex-GMer as well) as a Christmas present. As I was about to turn away I said, "I heard that the Corvette is going to be sharing their manufacturing facility with the new XLR. Is that true?" He said that it was true.

At that time there weren't really any clear photographs of the car for the public so I asked him what the XLR would look like. He replied, "Well, I don't know how to describe it, but I could draw it for you." Calling his bluff I asked him to draw it and much to my shock he did. As the drawing started to take shape I just really began to realize what a special moment this was for me in my life.

I felt like a 13 year old school boy getting an autograph by Reggie Jackson (my childhood hero).

The next day during the show I met his wife and told her about the night before and showed her his drawing. "You have to get Dave to autograph that," she softly said. "That will be quite valueable one day!" It already was to me.

She took me over to where Mr. McLellan was signing autographs for an ever increasing mob and he quickly obliged. Once I get finished showing it off to all my friends it will get framed and put on my wall between my ticket and the newspaper from Randy Johnson's first no hitter, and my little league cleets.
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That is a great story! :cool

What a rare opportunity. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Troy Roberts said:
That is a great story! :cool

What a rare opportunity. Thanks for sharing it with us.
:iagree Now we're all jealous! :lol

Great story. :thumbs
I have a lot of requests to see his rendition so as soon as I can get it scanned I'll post it.
yep, we're waiting to see it on the corvette forum also! :cool
yellowZ06 said:
Yes, please scan it. That is a great story!
I am doing the scripting for my video so I'll scan it early next week.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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