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Xenon Blue (19U) XLR Photos

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Attached are a couple of Xenon Blue XLR photos. This is color code 19U.

The XLR had just started to go through "make ready" at the time, so please forgive the dust and remnants of the shipping wrap.

The Xenon Blue turns out to be a very difficult color to scan properly. I believe the first photo is a bit more accurate than the second photo. Of course, if your monitor is not set for 6500 degree K, the colors won't be accurate either.

I also almost forgot to thank David Taylor Cadillac in Houston, TX for giving me some photography time with this Xenon Blue XLR. This XLR was on the "already sold" list and is now with its new owner.

With that said, here are the photos...
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Photo from the back passenger-side:


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Photo from the front passenger-side:


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If anyone here would be interested in owning a Xenon Blue, we have one in stock at our dealership that is not presold. Feel free to call me anytime at my cell #. This is a great forum you have here, I hope it stays active in the future.

Tony Pagano
Plaza Cadillac
Leesburg, FL
Cell# (407) 701-3826
I thought I'd attach another photo of the Xenon Blue. This one shows a very clean Xenon Blue XLR with the Sun shining on it. The scan color is very close to what I shot on film.

The image is of a different XLR than was used in the first two photos in this thread.


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Xenon Blue is a great color for the XLR as are all the other colors. I sorry that White Diamond didn't work out with the XLR's plastic body.

I understand (from my dealer) that it's the Corvette factory that built the XLR that is not set up to do the White Diamond for some reason. I do not believe there is an issue with the composite body and the color.

I have confirmed from a number of factory sources that White Diamond was impossible to yield a constant color over any one vehicle that was in part due to XLR's composit skin. And, that an extensive amount of effort was made to attempt to fix the problem given the popularity of White Diamond.

Keep in mind the Vet is fiberglass and assembled and paint in a manner completely different from that of the XLR.

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