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Would you buy another XLR?

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I sold my 2004 Xeon blue about 2 years ago. Recently I have been looking for another Convertible....Looked at the Lexus, Infinity and the Benz SL 500 & SL550. The Lexus and Infinity are both fine cars with excellent track records for reliability. They just don't turn my head when it comes to looks. The SL series a very nice, but they seem to be more costly to maintain than the XLR. Frankly none of them better looking than the XLR. I am contemplating another. Looking at 2006 Vintage. Do you think the 2006 would be more trouble free than the 2004? Looking for opinions.
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While a 2006 would most likely be more reliable than a 2004, --due in large part to the upgrades incorporated into the Folding Tops, the majority of the parts are interchangeable between all years.

Some are becoming scarce - or non-existent. That's something you have to take into account with a low production, expensive-to-maintain automobile that isn't getting any younger. Some are trouble-free; others, not-so-much. Having access to a certified GM tech to service one is another important consideration.

The 2006 offered a couple of nice upgrades, (Adaptive Forward Lighting, for one) over prior model years.

I would purchase the latest model you can afford to increase the reliability factor. Note how few problems are posted regarding 2007-2009 model years.

As long as they're on the road, the XLR will turn heads. They have a timeless, esthetically pleasing to the eye exterior design to them.

CC :seeya
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This was part of the reason I sold my XLR and purchased an XTS: More built-in convenience features.

I enjoy downloading directions into CUE from my iPad. It's convenient to say the name of an artist and have their music start playing. I like to be able to remotely start the car, (and have warm seats) from my office before leaving on a cold evening. The reconfigurable dash displays and multiple HUD info options are a nice touch. CUE is fine; --not perfect, but nowhere near as bad as many would lead you to believe.

While some upgrades were made to the XLR during it's production, it's showing its age technically. Visually, it's stunning. After seven years of satisfying ownership, it was time for me to move on, and I haven't regretted the decision at all.

While not impossible to upgrade the infotainment system, it is expensive, and very limited. Spare parts availability can be troublesome. Used, driver's side headlights in good condition are difficult to find; new ones are not available in the supply system.

For many, having the latest and greatest techno-features is not important; it all comes down to personal tastes and their lifestyle situation. It's nice to have options, --especially where Cadillacs are concerned. I'll always have a soft spot for the XLR, just not soft enough to want to own one again. I greatly enjoy (learning) and helping XLR owners whenever possible though.

CC :seeya
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