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Would you buy another XLR?

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I sold my 2004 Xeon blue about 2 years ago. Recently I have been looking for another Convertible....Looked at the Lexus, Infinity and the Benz SL 500 & SL550. The Lexus and Infinity are both fine cars with excellent track records for reliability. They just don't turn my head when it comes to looks. The SL series a very nice, but they seem to be more costly to maintain than the XLR. Frankly none of them better looking than the XLR. I am contemplating another. Looking at 2006 Vintage. Do you think the 2006 would be more trouble free than the 2004? Looking for opinions.
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This is my first (and last) experience with a XLR I bought it for a project but not to clear my savings account. Fix on thing and another pops up each time another $500 dollar increase and that's used. If I had the money i'd take it to Kindig and have them remove all the bs and build a trouble free hot rod.
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