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Wipers And Lights

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Can anyone tell me whether the headlights are supposed to come on automatically when the windshield wipers are activated? My Cadillac DTS does, but my XLR does not seem to. Am I doing something wrong?
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Wiper Activated Headlamps

Clee85, Your XLR does have this feature, let me explain it to you.

When the wipers are in the normal position for at least 6 seconds the lights will come on.
When the headlamp control is turned off or is in a parking lamp position and the wipers are in a delay position, the HEADLAMPS SUGGESTED message will appear in the driver information center.

Thank you
Allen (Mr XLR)
Not on mine

I have tried this several times, under several different conditions and it does not work on mine.

Tried it with Wipers in regular position and Lights in Auto as suggested. No lights when it was daylight out. I had to switch the headlights on manually.

Any suggestions where the error might be?

I guess I will start a list of thing to ask about during my next visit (maybe first oil change).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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