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window tinting?

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how many have tinted the windows on their xlr?
what type and how dark did you tint?
how does it look? pictures?
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Hate to admit it, but I want to be seen in my XLR!
tinted mine, dark, changed the whole look and color of the car IMO. gave it a deeper, richer looking red....really looks nice! :thumbs
I'll try to get some new pics posted soon, hope it shows the change.

But that's only for when it's parked.....when I'm in it....tops down!!!

(Ya, I gotta be seen too!) :cheers
Aren't we somthin'....

Yeah, I gotta be seen too, but I also like the look of the tint. So I tinted ours also. Texas law does not premit the really dark tint on driver side windows, but I got the darkest possible. Really brings out the richness of the Xenon Blue.
i have a blaxk one and tinted the windows dark people cant stop looking
very happy
I am sure that tinting looks great but I want people to see my cool shades crusing in my Platinum XLR supercar!! :cool
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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