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Window Indexing

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Anyone had problems with the window indexing into the "up" position while the door is open, thus making it impossible to close the door?

It is happening on a regular basis (although only 1-2 times a week) with my 2004 XLR. Its in the shop this week for the current recall, so they will look at it .

The only way I can close the door is to re-enter the driver seat, hold the door button in (which casues the window to revert to the "low" index position) and then close the door. When I open it a second time, it seems to function normally.

Other items being looked at this visit to dealer include:
- driver seat speaker breaking up
- new upgraded digitial OnStar has high pitched whine when using phone feature
- rough idle that has been discussed in other threads
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Somewhere on this forum is a thread on how to re-set the windows - something like holding down the driver's seat window button for more than 10 seconds to re-set the computer. I'm sure your dealer will know about this.

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