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wind baffle

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I have researched and readmost of the posts here on or about the wid baffle. The bottom line? Does it or does it not work well? There was a post over a yr ago about someone who made there own and pics would follow never did that I can find. What does everyone think?
My gut feeling is the height is to low and it needs to be made about 3-5" taller but before I build one I'd like your in put. Thanks Jim
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XLR WindScreen

For those that had read this previously, I am reposting it. As an aaded touch, if you have not seen the XLR WindScreen, simply go to and you will get a good look at it on the main home page.

A tremendous amount of time went into engineering this piece, The roll bar covers are even stiched for an elegant touch. Unlike the Corvettes screen that must be removed when the top is raised, the XLRs screen will be mounted where you can leave it on permanantly if so desired. There is also a cadillac storage bag for the folded unit to tuck nicely into the luggage area if so desired.

The timing issue has to do with the desired high quality that GM told the vendors that the windscreen must meet, The suppliers of the unit are working to make a world class operating windScreen as well as have the elegant look for the XLR client. I have had the complete installation instructions for the upcoming WindScreen for some time.

As to the release of the item, there is no specific time release at this point other than if the suppliers come up with the quality levels that must be for an XLR, we should be looking into late Summer.

Thank you
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