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will xlr hold its resale value???

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I expect my xlr in 4 weeks now
My concern is if the xlr will hold its resale or will it be like the Allante?
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Who cares? Once you drive, it selling it should gr the last thing you think about. Something to look forward to-when you floor it the sound is awesome!!!
A. It does not matter cuz you'll want to keep it for a very long time.

B. It is priced well to begin with

C. When you see the recation from folks, that concern will go away.

D. I think it has a shot at a resale value higher than any other American car.

E. The xlr is the new flagship of not only Cadillac and GM.....but of Detroit and the U.S car manufacturers. That makes it WORLD class.

The depreciation is really no factor here for now and I don't see it going the way of the Allante which was an overpriced car to begin with, coming out in a bad economic time and was a BIG loser when compared to the SL which cost the same.

Not only that, Cadillac just came off their worst cars, designs etc and had virtually lost the market to Lincoln and the imports. The mid 80's seville, eldo and others on that small platform were just HORRIBLE cars and the devilles were just plain ugly.

Today Cadillac is strong and the customers they lost in the 80's and early 90"s are coming back.

So things are much different now and I see this as a CHEAP car to drive when going to resell it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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