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Why to carry a 1/2 wrench in glove box

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Well, let’s just say I was lucky to be in my driveway. I was cleaning the car over the weekend and vacuumed the trunk. In doing so I removed the divider shelf and thought I had securely reinstalled it. Upon completion of cleaning the car I thought I would take it for a spin. Since it was I beautiful day I proceeded to put the top down. The windows went down, the rear shelf lifted and the top unlatched. At this point I got a warning on the DIC that I needed to secure the package shelf. Not sure if that is exactly what it says but I needed to secure the tray in the trunk. So I proceeded to attempt to close the roof. Well I received the same message on the DIC. The roof would not open or close now, but it remained unlatched and the shelf behind the seats was up. I then figured I could use the key to unlock the trunk and secure the shelf. No such luck, truck would not open since it saw the roof at the starting to open mode. After a couple of minutes of scratching my head I figured my only choice was to disconnect the battery and see what happens. I did this and the key allowed me to open the trunk, I secured the shelf, connected the battery and was able to put the top down.

The only thing I should have tried was resetting the DIC to see if that would override the error to allow me to close the roof with the tray not secure. Has anyone tried this? Anyway, I now carry an open-end wrench in the glove box in case this happens when I am away from home. Hate to have the car towed in for this one.
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I had a similar thing happen, you have to be careful with the "cargo cover" and make sure the little pins that hold it at the bottom are in the holes. One time i had the 1/2 up 1/2 down thing you described, but I just used the key to open the trunk manually and secured the cargo cover. Since then I always carry the key in the glove compartment, I can't think of any reason not to, you can't start the car with it anyway.
Unhooking your battery

You need to be aware, that if you disconnect the battery youre express windows need to be reset. If this is not done youre express up feature may not work and your windows may not go up al the way.

This process is simply done by holding the window switch for 5 seconds after the window is closed, you would need to do this with both windows.

Thank You
Improvement Process

Obviously, this is a significant issue that needs to be improved/corrected.

If the shelf is not secured, why does the top even start to open? Why doesn't the error message occur before anything starts?

I work in the software industry and this is very common when you build software - someone comes across a situation that you didn't think of and submits a "incident report" or whatever the vendor calls it.

Depending on the seriousness of the issue, you would devote the requisite amount of resources to the issue and fix it, then get the fix out to your customers.

In healthcare these can be lifethreatening issues and there needs to be a fast response (sort of like virus patches for Microsoft or Norton).

Does Cadillac have a similar process? Is there a direct way that customers can communicate to Cadillac engineers or at least get their idea/complaint, issue logged in?

One of the things they should do is to monitor this web site.

Curious to hear what you might think, Allen.
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Comunication between the consumer & Cadillac is always routed through it's dealers. When a dealer makes a repair the correction is fed though a database and sorted by serial number. So as a problem is found and corrected it is accumulated and if there is a need for a design change or a change of part to correct an issue the tools are in place to make that happen.

If a dealer can't find a correction then they have the ability to contact the Technical assistance line. This is where communication is real time between the dealer and Cadillac Service Operations. Many times they will work on the vehicle while in direct communication.

Thank You

But that only applies if there are things that need to be actually returned to the dealer for a "fix", is there another way that Cadillac listens to customers for design features that could be enhanced/fixed? I like the idea of this forum being some sort of conduit to Cadillac design, I think it could also help them improve the cars.
In my experience the whole package tray sensor switch thing neeeds to be revisited and a better solution implemented.

I can't tell you how many times I have had things in the runk and forgotton only to try and lower the top on the goodies. (YES the tray was detached).

In fact I have detached the tray and been able to raise and lower the top without any problem.

GM Techlink Article about the windows

XLR Window Initialization

This information applies to the XLR if:
- the battery is disconnected
- the battery is in a run-down condition and requires a charge (such as in an extended storage period)
- the window module has been disconnected.

If the window module loses battery power, the window module needs to be initialized. The top will not operate and the window express-up and express-down will not function unless the window module knows the window position.

To initialize a window module, the top must be up, and the door for the window being initialized must be fully closed. Turn the ignition ON, engine OFF. (See February 2004 TechLink for this procedure.) Run the window to the UP position and hold the switch continuously for a minimum of 0.5 second. Run the window to the DOWN position and hold the switch continuously for a minimum of 0.5 second. Once the window module learns the window's positions, the top will operate properly.

TIP: If the door window express-up or express-down function does not operate, use the window initialization process before attempting any other repairs.

- Thanks to Jim Mikolaizik and Jason Macco
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