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Hi Folks,

Think of the XLR a very classy Vette, which is why I got a NM #25 for my wife for our 25th Anniversary. I got the NM via the catalog program and yes it was fluke that we took delivery on 9/25/03. The NM 25 replaces her second '93 Allante's, I purchased two new and rolled the first one at 35k miles and the same with the second one when we took delivery of the XLR. Both the Allante's pull very good money, which is no surprise to me in they are great vehicles but the XLR is fantastic.

My wife would never drive a Vette but she loved her Allante' and loves her XLR. I own 3 - 67 Vettes and 1 - 68 L88 Vette, which my wife likes buy again she loves her XLR.

But then if 400 HP gets your attention then how about a 500 HP Viper, it is a matter of choice.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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