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Please understand when I say that some of you have missed the meaning behind why the XLR will not have the same power and performance as the Corvette:

*The Corvette is the halo vehicle of Chevrolet, which has a lot riding on the concept that performance is unmatch by any other competitor. XLR is Cadillac's halo vehicle: The Cadillac vehicle brand stands for luxury and comfort, not power and performance

* The XLR is not in the same segment as the Corvette: Performace vs. Ultra-Luxury. In my opinion, these two vehicles don't even compete for the same attention, or shouldn't!

*The XLR is the greatest thing............. to happen to Cadillac that is. This has put them back in the running for first place again. True that they have a long way to go, atleast they are back in the race

*The 2005 Corvette will be available in the fall of this year as a 2005 model. Try getting your hands on one of those
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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