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Why not a 05 Corvette?

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I used to think that the new cadillac xlr was gonna be the greatest thing out there fro a while but i was wrong. The new C6 corvetter comes standard with 400 horsepower! Enough said,
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Buyers are buying the xlr for a lot more reasons than just vroom vroom. The XLR is hardly underpowered so that is about the least important reason.

The top reasons are probably comfort, retractable top and then just looks.

Besides, I would imagine many of us will have both. :D

The other answer is in your question - The 2005 Corvette will not be available until 2005.

The XLR is available now (at least for some).
I don't think that you can compare the two cars. They are in two different segments of the market - the Corvette is a sports/high performance car while the XLR is in the luxury roadster segment. In spite of it's performance potential, the decision makers at GM would never let the XLR out-perform or out-hp the Corvette. The Vette will always rule when it comes to performance. They want to build TWO cars that lead BOTH segments of the market.
I can't agree more. You either get luxury or you get performance. I can't think of any car that truly provides both. It seems the more you pay for a car, it just mores toward one of the two extremes or the other. I certainly don't want to drive a car that feels every bump and pebble on the road, so I give a little in the handling for that softer ride.
Yes, why not both?

I have both, for now, until my husbands red XLR comes in next month. :yesnod

Please understand when I say that some of you have missed the meaning behind why the XLR will not have the same power and performance as the Corvette:

*The Corvette is the halo vehicle of Chevrolet, which has a lot riding on the concept that performance is unmatch by any other competitor. XLR is Cadillac's halo vehicle: The Cadillac vehicle brand stands for luxury and comfort, not power and performance

* The XLR is not in the same segment as the Corvette: Performace vs. Ultra-Luxury. In my opinion, these two vehicles don't even compete for the same attention, or shouldn't!

*The XLR is the greatest thing............. to happen to Cadillac that is. This has put them back in the running for first place again. True that they have a long way to go, atleast they are back in the race

*The 2005 Corvette will be available in the fall of this year as a 2005 model. Try getting your hands on one of those
For those of you who are interested in the Press take on the new C-6 Corvette, this is from

"Often criticized for its bland, low-quality interior, the C6 sports a considerably more modern look, but those hoping for a truly upscale cabin may still come away disappointed."

The full story is here:*

Is 80 more HP worth no hard top convertable and a rubbermaid interior??

Mike Pappas
This is what im trying to say

Yes they not be in the smae segment but they are both when you think about it both cars are the performance car for there brand. The corvette may not be ultra luxury but i do belive that people that want a good deal of performance and somewhat of luxury will look at both of theses cars. THats all im trying to say
I was tired when I read this, I don't have an '05 Corvette, but I had a C-5 one then, but I don't have it any more. But I like the XLR a whole lot better.
The C6 interior looks much better in the pics from the L.A autoshow, the center console does not have that non-gloss gray color anymore it has an aluminum look that looks very good.....
People who want a nice cushy, quite ride will get the XLR. People who want tons of power and great handling will get the C6. :cheers
Hi Folks,

Think of the XLR a very classy Vette, which is why I got a NM #25 for my wife for our 25th Anniversary. I got the NM via the catalog program and yes it was fluke that we took delivery on 9/25/03. The NM 25 replaces her second '93 Allante's, I purchased two new and rolled the first one at 35k miles and the same with the second one when we took delivery of the XLR. Both the Allante's pull very good money, which is no surprise to me in they are great vehicles but the XLR is fantastic.

My wife would never drive a Vette but she loved her Allante' and loves her XLR. I own 3 - 67 Vettes and 1 - 68 L88 Vette, which my wife likes buy again she loves her XLR.

But then if 400 HP gets your attention then how about a 500 HP Viper, it is a matter of choice.

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