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Who drives an XLR

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Alot of excitement on the board.:party

But I want to know why the XLR?:confused why why
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It handles great, looks incredible, rides better than my SL 500, has electronic gizmos like a Boeing 777 (well almost), turns heads, makes us the envy of just about everybody and is very comfortable. Do I need to continue?
I'm rather partial to the HUD, but this is also the first car we've had with navigation, and that's pretty cool. Then again, although it's not my first car with air-conditioned and heated seats, that's pretty cool too. The keyless entry is also cool.

I guess I just like the car.
I don't remember reading anything about a break in period in the manual. I thought the break in period is something that went the way of leaded gas...
Well I almost did all that... I have to admit, I got it a bit over the speed limit a couple of times...
Some time ago I was asking if anyone knew of one but I haven't heard of one yet. I'm hoping for some extra wood trim and a wind screen.

Last I looked, even the Cadillac site had no XLR accessories or merchandise. Nor was there anything of significance doing various Google searches.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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