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Who buys an XLR

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I got interested in the XLR due to a project ... now I'm hooked ... I suppose what you would call a Virtual owner ... luvin the black

If you're an owner or want-to-be owner or soon-to-be owner ... how would you descirbe yourself?

Baby-boomer, Empty-nester, Generation X

What motivates you to want a roadster? :nopity

What motivates you to want an XLR? :nopity

It's a whole new world for me ... I'm curious
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Baby boomer, Roadster because its impractical and cool, XLR because its differant and you don't see them everywhere.I like being differant .No disire to be like the crowd.My first cars were GM.When they started sharing everything I turned to Ford.This is the first car to lure me back.If I buy a Cadillac I want a Cadillac engine and technology.
Just saw this post

Me too.

Baby Boomer, have had a few corvettes and wanted something different, like GM, didn't want to pay $25K more for an SL, have another car, so 2 seater not that much of an issue, writing it off as a lease to my corporation, had to be first at something, am a technology geek and enjoy innovation.
This is first time 1958 I haven't driven a Vet all the way from 283 to a ZR-1. The xlr is very nice and makes me a happy camer. I stop racing when I stop winnig
I am 34, gen. x? I hope not. Anyhow, I test drove them all, but always loved the ride of a caddy. This car kicks ass on all the competition. it has it all for a fair price and the ride is a dream.
I'm an old fart; retired cop with political views to the right of Darth Vadar's, working on a second career. My wife is a finance director for a large Ford store. We've owned tons of SVT Ford products (traded in an 03 Cobra) and two Allante's, however the XLR is so much more refined and a joy to drive. Very limited so your not bumping into other owners every day. Just normal old fogies with the added advantage of no hair to mess up with the top down!
It a sharp looking "push button automobile!" I took it for a test drive and love it. :D
Gen X or Y??

I'm 34 and don't consider myself as Gen X or Y just a purist when it comes to cars, performance, luxury and innovation! I think that Cadillac's current marketing campaign has been successful in capturing the attention of non-conventional Cadillac owners (younger, non-retired), which were buying BMWs, Mercedes, and Porsches! I test drove all of them!! Cadillac caught my attention and I believe that Cadillac will dominate my age and income demographic. I still like the fact that my colleagues wish they would have waited for the xlr instead of buying SL 500 or BMW 745 IL prematurely. Definitely worth the wait!!
I'm 29, but this is my third cadillac so I don't really fit the mold i guess. This car is great though! I still prefer my STS for long drives, but it's not as fun. The SL500 is a cool car, but considering the cost differences and the way it drives (seems a little less sporty feeling, almost mushy). This car get a lot of looks, it has great style and a really bold design. I'm very happy with my decision.

Baby Boomer who loves Cadillacs. Loved my '93 Allante', which was a fantastic vehicle, and my #25 NM XLR is so much better and so much more than I could have ever expected. It lacks a little in trunk and interior storage space to that of my Allante' but it is worth the loss for the push button top down feature not to mention a dozen others. And, it didn't cost any where near that of an SL and every bit as much the car.

I am currently a owner of a 2004 C5 Coupe. Since I have had it, I have not hadn any problems or's a vette and very sporty. :thumbs

Yet the XLR is attractive to me and when I took it for a test drive...I was convinced that it is the car for me. :smash :smash

Fitting the demographic

I bought the xenon blue XLR for my wife, who is a certifiable "top down nut". Over the years, we've owned a TR-3, TR-7, Miata, Cadillac Allante, a BMW 325i Convertible, a BMW 330i convertible, and now the XLR. The xenon blue w/ gold package is just stunning. The only heads that don't turn when we zoom by are in the hearse.

We are now hale and hearty, early 50's empty nesters, but even when the kids were at home we had a drop top ride of some sort. The rest of the world wants to label my generation with an endless myriad of acronyms: hippies, yuppies, muppies, and now TINKs (That's Two Incomes, No Kids for the uninitiated). Anyway, you get the demographic picture.

Our XLR is not a daily driver. It lives for the weekend. She is spared the wear and tear of a daily commute in Houston, TX. Projected yearly mileage: 5,000 tops.

I saw the post from the 'vette jock above, and I must say GM was very smart with the XLR. While I've always loved the 'vette, I've never owned one, as it is more a purists sports car, similar to a Ferrari. We were looking for more creature comforts, which the XLR amply provides. And what better platform than the tried-and-true Corvette on which to build? And the C6 no less! This car SHOULD be loved by 'vette owners!

The other cars that were in contention before we ordered the XLR was the Mercedes-Benz SL500, or the Porsche 911. The XLR compares very favorably with these premium roadsters on the track, but is a much more comfortable boulevard cruiser, thanks to the innovative "magnetic ride control". Simply amazing. :thumbs
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Xlr Tmf

There is nothing like the power of the Z06 --except the smooth 4-valve dohc northstar cad. I can compare several sports cars coupe and convertible. I wanted a daily driver sports car but after many chose the pickup or suv as a more comfortable unit. From 61 vet, ZR1 vet, C5 coupe and conv, Porsche C4 cab, XK8 jag rdstr, BMW Z3, and others this CADILLAC ROADSTER is the best of all!!!! It is quiet, top up or down, fast, corners, and is a car you can drive any day all day with minimal road noise, minimal engine/exhaust noise and a ride from a firm--not harsh suspension. My 05 nickel silver is three weeks old 2000 miles and everybody loves it including the driver. Profile 53 boomer doc sports car driver stock car racer motocross racer. WEP TMF(too much fun) :flag
Welcome to the club

Welcome. Its a small party but a party none the less...
Hi Aviator. just left your city yesterday. almost anyway , was staying in the woodlands just north of Houston. thought I might spot an XLR in that area, but no luck. I just turned twenty thousand miles on my XLR since april 15th and have not seen another XLR on the road. I think you guys must keep them at home rather than driving. A bit of info for you that you may not know,, there is a nice size pocket in the trunk on the right side that is great for concealing small items also has a list of all the codes for how the XLR was setup.
Houston Northside

You are one travelin' man BUDSVET. Doggone it! Next time you are in Houston shoot me an e-mail prior to your arrival and we can meet somewhere.

BTW - I'm a Northside guy, so I know The Woodlands well, and am considering moving my company there early next year. Quite a place, eh? I think The Woodlands had more olympic medals than France this year.

At 20K, how are your tires?
Who wants to "REPRESENT" in So. California

Calling out all xlrs in So. Cal. Let's have our own cannonball run!! Anybody have any Points of Interests in mind?
migsgig :thumbs
Aviator: my rear tires are about half shot and the front ones are about the same, I have switched them three times. mabey another 7-8 k miles yet. The Woodlands are one nice place, if you were just driving thru and looking for a gas station or a doctor I don't think you could find one as all places of service are hidden by the tree's. My GPS has done a great job of steering me around the good ole USA, but at times it has checked me to determine if I'm alert and will try to lead me off in the wrong direction to get to point X which may be across the street, but even with all the construction going on across the USA it did a good job. still carry maps tho......... :jester

Just checked my tires again and the rear ones were almost down to the wear marks, looks like I will have to replace them within the next couple of thousand miles. there goes my scotch money for october, damm. :banghead :nopity
migsgig said:
Calling out all xlrs in So. Cal. Let's have our own cannonball run!! Anybody have any Points of Interests in mind?
migsgig :thumbs
Well, I think it needs to be PCH to properly represent Top Down
cruising in Southern California! And of course we want to BE seen too!! :thumbs
We don't need no stinkin' monuments when we got coastlines and sunsets!
Breakfast in Laguna....Lunch in Malibu.....Dinner in Santa Barbara. :cool

I haven't noticed any San Diego people here, but we could head south too.
I'm open for any count me in! :yesnod
Count me in also, I would even come to CA. any reason for a trip. :grouphug :jester :jester :cool
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