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Mr. XLR,

While I am waiting hear your response on the owner information security I thought I would ask if you could please provide me the number of NM XLR's were delivered to which States in our Union and if any made it to Canada.

Sorry to be a twit about the security issue but it does buggy me however the no name and simple head coun information requested above would be very interesting.

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NM XLR's Locations

Under the guidelines of the NM Edition, the XLR's were to be registered in the USA only. As is the same for any Cadillac sold by a dealer licensed to sell new vehicles in the US.
Thank You

I am aware to the US restrictions and dealer restrictions. Let me restate my question. Do you know to which States and how many per State of the 99 dealer sold NM units and do you know to which states the two sold at non-profit auctions were delivered?


NM Edition Charity Roadsters

I can't easily tell you which vehicles were NM Editions since they were NOT in exact sequential order by vin, there were regular XLR's mixed in the vin sequence. It would take me weeks to go through each and every vin to look for the NM Edition ordering Ident code. That is available to me but each vin must be looked at individually.

The First NM Edition that was sold for Charity was sold at auction on Ebay for St. Judes Hospital through a dealer in New York to a individual in Michigan.

The 2nd one was raffled off to raise money for eight area hospices
by the Bloomfield Hills based Women's Committee for Hospice Care. A total of 2,000 raffle tickets at $100 each were sold. The winning ticket drawn at the Grand Night for Hospice Ball Jan. 18 2003 belonged to an individual in Texas.
I hope this answers your 2nd question

Thanks for the answer to the second part of my question and understand your response to the first half.

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