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I forgot to mention these are the chrome Lusso wheels Chip Foose makes. I think the set orginally retailed for around $3500. I'm not sure because they were a gift from Chip and Bud Brutsman, the producer of the Rides and Overhaulin' TV series. Chip selected the Lussos saying he felt they worked better with the XLR than any of the others. I'd be happy to take any reasonable offer.

I'll answer the first part...............I have 20" Foose speedsters on my 04 and never had a problem with the sensors, just had to have them set.
I put nitrogen in my V tires because of a tiny tiny leak in the RF and haven't had any problems since. They let all the air out and installed the nitrogen, then the DIC read out, "all tires flat, drive at 55 mph," by the time I drove about 6 miles to the dealer, they all had all reset themselves. My V fixes itself.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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