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OK heres our dilema we love the xlr and we think its very cool but for 76,000 i dunno we went to the lexus dealer ecently and this car had some nice features it had 300 hp beutiful interior and base prise is 58,000 and the one we looked at had only 1 option which was the wheel package and then it was on 61,000 i think lexus is winning in my book so far the cadillac may look cooler but the lexus has a sound proof retractable hard top competative power and equal if not better interior while being about 15 grand less it may just be me but i think the lexus wins, can you convince me otherwise?:thumbs

Here is just a "small" list of reasons why you should get the XLR over the SC:

Adaptive Cruise control (n/a on the lex)
Heads up display (n/a on the lex)
Greater horsepower
Magnetic Ride control standard (n/a on the lex)
Ultra Sonic rear park assist standard (n/a on the lex)
run flat tires standard (extra cost on the lex)
Air cooled seating (n/a on the lex)

Not to mention the bold, more american design and the fact that the SC produces nealy triple what the "low volume" xlr is projected to do. Just my 2 cents. You will have to do what is best for you. :)

I have to say I personally disagree with Trouble T. I think the Lexus is unique, unlike the the MB SL500 or the Jag which are to "dry" in appearance. :sleep

That is why I like the bold design of the XLR. But don't worry "T" you're still tops in my book!:thumbs
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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