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1. The car - its awesone!
2. The XMSR radio - A Must!
3. see # 1

Needs improvement:

1 The seats - not supportive enough or sporty enough - the CTS seats are much more comfortable and sportier (I know as I owned one)

2. The Shifter has a cheap feeling - very loose and platicky. Agin the shifter in the CTS is much tighter and richer feeling (strange?) This is my biggest complaint with the car

3. XMSR antennae - who dreamed up putting it in the middle fo the trunk?

4. Floor mats - should have cadillac emblem

5. get rid of Buvlgari it cheapens the car - its a cadillac thats more than enough!

6. The key fob - plastic and cheap.

All that being said this is one awesome car! and these are minor gripes - but its the little things that count

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I love the car overall. Exceeded my expectations.

Things that can be improved: (And I look at it VERY critically.)

1. Seat belt clasp could be smaller.
2. Drivers area could be a bit wider
3. Seat should recline further if your seat is pulled up
4. Steering wheel could be a bit smaller. I hit my knee when making turns.
5. Steering colum is a little sloppy.
6. I have not installed the xm radio antenna. I am hoping they can figure out another place to put it.
7. Maybe a little body moulding on the side to protect from dings.
8. Need some storage area behind the seats.
9. Turning radius could be much better.
10. Black box on windshield
11. Could use a windscreen

But none are a deal breaker as they are minor annoyances and the overall positives FAR out weight them.

And when compared to the things I like and my 1999 SL....This is the best all around sport/convertible/luxury out there. The best combination of looks, feel, ride, power and comfort. It's the feel of a comfortable and luxurious Ferrari.

When the word gets out and the xlr circulates a bit......It will be the dream car of an entirely new generation.

I went from wanting this just to fill the gap for a few months to a KEEPER!

However the marketing timing could be better. With all the SL's and Lexus's they must have leased and sold in 2003 and 2004, these folks are all LOCKED IN to their vehicles for quite a while. The ppol of buyers my be soaked up.

But if you are a Cadillac fan, this is the car you dreamed Cadillac would make for the last 50 years. Just hope it ain't too little too late.

Cadillac is back in a big way. Whether that can get the Mercedes, Lexus and BMW buyers back is another story. It ain't easy going back for many. But the XLR could do it!


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1: Windscreen would be very nice
2: Wood in center dash, around Navigation/climate panels
3: OK, turning radius could be better, but I've driven worse!
4: More storage area
5: A solution to the XM radio antenna, where's the Navigation antenna hidden???
6: Could have had an integrated digital cell phone that is removable instead of the analog, built in one. What happens when analog cell sites start dissappearing? MBZ is already starting to retrofit all of their "OnStar" equivalent systems.

Otherwise, this car is way beyond expectations. The above issues are small, since all of them are mitigated in some way... it's not like the wind is anywhere near that of a SL or Lexus without a windscreen.

This car has so much going for it I'd overlook a lot more than just these piddly things!
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