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What do you think ?

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My Cadillac representative was gracious enough to call me to tell me that an order I had previously placed for the 2005 Xenon Blue with satellite radio was delivered this past Monday October 11,2004. I had withdrawn my deposit as agreed upon but I guess the order went in anway. Meanwhile I purchased an RX330 Lexus and also have a 2004 Lexus ES330(12,500 miles).I was "dreaming" that maybe I could trade in the Lexus ES330,keep the RX330(which we truly need for a variety of reasons)and buy the XLR2005.
The practical side of all of this is that the ES330 is our backup vehicle,front wheel drive for those Connecticut snow days,and the XLR would be the wish fulfillment.Still working one day a week where I do need some trunk space for various instruments that I take from one office to another(2 offices) wife and I will be celebrating our 59th anniversary this December but I am sure she will be "furious" for my being so impractical. It all started(my XLR fixation) this past summer where I am certain I was undergoing an "end of life crisis"..just turned 80...mid life crisis was a Porsche 928..My wife whom I love dearly remarked that yes it would be the END of my life if I brought home that whatchmacallit car.
So maybe I'll just dream on until my breakthrough...whatever or wherever that may be.
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Go for it Doc! Do it while you can, saving the money to give to someone after you're gone so they can buy one doesn't make sense to me. I bought mine three weeks ago, had no business doing it but thought it would be my last highperformance vehicle with all the toys I could imagine. I've had some second thoughts but every time I get in the vehicle, I'm glad I bought it. :thumbs
He who hesitates - - - - -

If you don't spend it then someone else will :party
Right on, go for it. I did and I'm 77. :jester :flag :cool
Dear Doc:

If you are only going to the office one day a week, the XLR has plenty trunk space with the top up, which I would assume to be the desired configuration during the winter in Connecticut.
As a Doctor, you have made life and death decisions in the past.
This isn't one of them. Your wife won't kill you if you buy the XLR.

I bought mine as a 76th birthday present to myself last year and it's the best present I've ever had.

Go for it!

What do you think?

Great responses...going down first thing Monday morning to the Cadillac dealer and take a good look at the XLR...Thanks for the advice and interest.
Boy bunch of old dogs on this forum. Just came in from a run through the mountains with a group of corvettes and my xlr was pushing them through the curves and up and down the grades. was a great day.... :)
Old folks

Nice to know that I am not the only SIXTY Plus living his second child hood
I've lost my mind...

I'm so glad Doctor79 started this thread. I hope your MD fellowship included some psychiactric work, because the normally practical aviator many of you have come to know on this forum has most certainly lost his ever lovin' mind. :crazy :eek

Y'see Doc, (he says while reclining on a comfortable worn brown leather sofa) it all started when I was walking through the Cadillac dealership last week. I bought my bride (also an MD) a Xenon Blue XLR for her birthday in May, and I had a minor service issue. But as I was strolling through the used car side, I spotted this flawless '94 red Corvette LT1 with only 43K miles on it..

And then, I just bought it... :party

My problem is that I just don't have time to get the therapy that I obviously need.......

Help! :D :rolleyes

PS. Doctor79: Get the XLR and post a photo. (I'm 53, and you guys are an inspiration - especially you BUDSVET!)
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91 Vette

I should have sold you my flawless 1991 Vette with only 35,000 miles.
91 'vette

Eyedoc said:
I should have sold you my flawless 1991 Vette with only 35,000 miles.
Sweet! And I might have just bought it had you caught me last friday. Weather was cool, skies were blue, the 'vette was very, very red and pristeen.

Now with you being a C4 guy, I need to know a couple of things:
It needs tires and brakes. What tires? What brakes?

Also, best "bolt on" preformance enhancing equipment? maniford? chip? headers?

Or is it best to hang in with "original" equipment to preserve maximum value? At 300 hp on the LT1, our XLR is faster. I'd like a little more Juju in case BUDSVET comes to visit me here in Houston and I need to try to keep up. But I don't want to wreck the resale value.
wish fulfillment?

Doctor79 said:
Great responses...going down first thing Monday morning to the Cadillac dealer and take a good look at the XLR...Thanks for the advice and interest.
Be sure and take a good hard look at the Devilles while you're there too!!
Totally practical, LOTS of trunk space, put the whole office in there.
Big cush lazy-boy for those old bones.
After 59 years, you can't be goin' and making the bride "furious",
what if she leaves you?
And at 80 what are you doing having such childish dreams anyway?
Devilles are made for old boys like you......
forget about that whatchmacallit car! ;)
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