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What do you guys think of this wheels and what color is best

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I am debating the posibilities and the color choice...My car is thunder grey, do you think these would look good and what color, the black one is black chrome, not black paint:confused


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I think these wheels look really nice (especially the black chrome) but I don't like the idea of 6-branch wheels (which is a more Japaneese thing)

what do you think of those?

I am actually waiting for my own rims... though I went with a really crazy model, I will post photos as soon as it gets here... Hopefully, it won't look too weird, (the wheels I ordered are really takki...)
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you seem to be really into the Boss wheels, the other model is nice but I prefer the first one you showed... have you considered 3-piece wheels at all? My guess these Boss wheels are not forged so they will heavier... have a look at Asanti and GFG, they make some very nice custom three piece which are very light... (they can also customize the finish so that you will still be able to get them in black chrome...

have a look... forged wheels can be a life saver when it comes to weight, especially if you are going up in size...


if you get the Boss ones, let me know how they are (finish and weight..) I am interested in finding quality wheels (one-piece) for another car... From personal experience, O.Z. has worked well before but their designs an finishes are limited... But Boss has some nice designs indeed... ... and the finish (black chrome) looks very good on the pics...

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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