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What Color Would You Like to See Added?

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I have been running it around in my head the colors of the XLR. What color would you like to see added to the line-up?:grouphug
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White Lightning. I think the color would be fantastic with the angles of this model. Unfortunately, due to the position of the body panels in the paint booth, this color and white diamond do not work. There is too much variation in the mica distribution.

A color similar to the black sapphire BMW uses would also be attractive.

Just my opinion.

White Diamond is the only color that I can, currently, think of that should be added to the XLR selection. However, I was provided the same information Sheri has just reported back in May or June of '03 regarding white. So, my wife's NM XLR kind of stands out relative to our other white diamond Cads.


Well, since White Diamond is not available and we already have a tones in Lt Platinum, Black Raven,Crimson Pearl,Satin Nickel, Xenon Blue & Thunder Gray I feel we have touched on a good variety. There is always room for some change though.

I was surprised to find out that the interior choices Neutral & Ebony of my clients have been almost a 50/50 mix.
New Color

IMO the addition of Polo Green would be a positive addition.
How about the black diamond that was on the sooped up for the slopes SRX on the auto show circuit
I for one was VERY DISAPPOINTED in the limited selection of interior choices. I was almost as if we were buying a Cavaler or something. Going forward I would like to see blue leather added and a richer saddle color.

I vote for White Diamond. Maybe if there is enough interest, they will try another approach. Interior colors? Well, I've always been partial to white leather to go with the white exterior, but white leather is very rare. In lieu of white, saddle and/or cream.

I agree with the need for wider range of interior colors.
I'd like to see them expand on the sportier look of the car and come out with a yellow similar to that of the SLK.
Maybe as an option on the V series???
Saddle interior is a must
In addition to my previous posting, I would like to see a Navy Blue interior added to go with not only the Diamond White. Also a matching Navy Blue exterior for a mono-car.

I think a Pearl White with a Red or Maroon leather would be nice looking.
Or a Pearl White with a Nave Blue. Not sure what wood you would use with the Blue though.
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