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Is anyone other then me having a problem with water spots on the glass? I hand wash my car using Turttle car wash AND "I don't use that much".
I only wash a small area and I rinse ALL the soap off. I dry the car off with a chamois and a dry towel but never use the chamois on the glass.
There a spots all over the front windshield, sides glass and back glass. The back glass is not as bad.
It could be the water BUT I do the same thing with my two ford trucks and they don't have the problem.
I have tried windex with and with out ammonia with paper towels and news paper the spots are still there.
The spots are very small and round but I can't get them off the glass.

Blaise :cry

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water Spots on Glass

Hi Blaise:

I would suggest Bon-Ami with a soft cloth (baby diaper is perfect for this
as well as polishing the car). Would not recommend soft scrub. Either way
I suspect what they are seeing is every thing from road grime,chemicals that are accidently splashed up on the car to car washes apply chemical to help
the water bead to aid drying. This includes hand wash soaps. They will
leave a residue, now the trick is to remove it all so spots are not visible when the wipers operate. That's where the
Bon-Ami comes in.....

Blaise, you had made a statement on the forum a few weeks ago asking me to possibly pass along your request. It has been done.

Thank you
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