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Wash and Wax

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How do you care for your cars? Do you hand wash, or take to a car wash? When you wax what types do you prefer (brand and liquid, paste, spray on, etc).
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Hmmmm - no responses - everybody's car must be clean :)

I go to the car wash (my top does not leak). I used a coat of Klasse All in One followed by a coat of Klasse Paint Sealant. My car looks like it has a layer of glass over it. The paint sealant is supposed to last 9 months which is ideal foir me. I live in New Jersey and have no interest in waxing a car every 3 months. December through February are generally no fun up here.
I wash mine by hand and it has a fresh coat of Cherry Wet Wax on it. All I do is wash when needed, perhaps once a month or so and in between dust it off and a quick cleaning with Coat's Miracle Mist to keep up the shine. To keep the nose clean I wash it as needed and re-wax.
hand wash and hand wax...

...and I enjoy it. :yesnod

Sunbelt! February is wonderful. :)

August...not so good. :banghead

Soooo, I'm trying to buy a new house with a well-lit air conditioned 4-car garage. :cool
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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