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Voice Recognition

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One post below on MP3 capability was hoping for a voice/computer upgrade, so I want to put in my 2 cents worth for a voice upgrade. I get sooooooooo frustrated with the voice recognition capability in the XLR. And recently I have had the chance to test drive Lexus LS 430, Acura RL and an Infiniti M45 and ALL of their voice systems' accuracy would blow away the XLR.

It is so bad at times that in order to preserve my blood pressure, I get to the controls the old fashioned way.

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Gave it up the first month

Yeah, I think the whole concept of pushing a button and saying 3 words instead of just pushing one or two buttons is stupid and inefficient on any car. Other than as a gimmick to impress your passenger, does anyone actually waste time with VR?

After about a month I stopped wasting time on it--maybe in the middle of a hairy maneuver, it pays to use voice recognition, but why would you be thinking of changing from "FM RADIO" to "CD CHANGER" in the middle of an S curve at 100 MPH?.

I'd trade the entire VR system for the ability to play MP3's, in 1 second!

This probably should be in "general discussion", by the way....

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Well he's quite right.

The voice recognition in the new Infiniti M45 and Acura Rl is simply amazing.

In the RL the dealer said, with an asian Accent, 1045 Stevens Creek Boulevard, quickly and in a normal voice, and the computer picked it up flawlessly, and faster than I could even punch in the numbers on the SC430's nav system.

The rest of the Acura RL was garbage, handling sucked bigtime, ride was poor, noisy, etc...

The Infiniti M45 on the other hand was flat out fantastic, and my wife is selling her car to pick one up ASAP.

The voice recognition on the XLR and GS300/GS430 is extremely poor in my opinion, but the nav system is also 100x better than that trash they have in both the BMWs and in the Mercedes.
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