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Vibration During Medium to Full Acceleration

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I have had my car for two weeks. For the first week, at 2/3 to full throttle, there was a very noticeable vibration during acceleration. It was so bad that it sounded and felt like a tire was actually rubbing against the body. It seems like it could be the differential. It appears to be in the back of the vehicle and it actually tickles your fanny through the seat cushion.

In the second week, the problem became less severe, but you can still feel the vibration through the seat cushion. It annoys me greatly. Such a nice car.

I haven't seen this problem listed on this forum (unless I just missed it). My mechanic says that he has driven 5 or 6 of these cars and he says that they all do this. Have any of you had any such problem?
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:eek : :nodno wrong! get that fixed!
and tell that mechanic to put this :nono in his seat cussion

I have noticed that from a stop, when you nail the throttle AND turn the wheel 1/4 turn or more (like to pull out onto a highway from a "T" stop sign) there is some cowl shake/front tire(s) touch the wheel wells.

Never had a problem going strait, should be smooth as silk on smooth road. I'm hitting about 5,000 miles.

Can't say I noticed this type of vibration. But, it does sound like a good excuse to try a full-throttle acceleration, jsut to be sure.

Do you think the cop will believe me?

Maybe you can tickle the cop's fannie by giving (her) a test drive :D

(No intention to make light of the problem)!


I have nail the thottle a few times, And it is nice smooth pull to 100+. Also I was Having my wife Eldorado serviced this afternoon and ask if they had heard of any vibration problems with the XLR. There answer was NO. The only problem that they know of with the transaxle was an oil leak. And that happen to have been my XLR. Which has been fixed.
I have never felt the vibration and I have drag raced it on 1/8 mile track and have had the car to 155mph and have hit 100mph plus many times when passing other cars. not normal, get it fixed. I have 21,857 miles on the XLR. Only problems are seat belt light on cluster kept going on/off, fixed, bad ground. four speakers in doors and dash not working, going in wed. to get fixed. oil change light came on when I hit 14500 mile, 6% on cluster. almost ready for another oil change, 28%. new set of tires on order from tire rack, cost 798.00 with shipping.this XLR has preformed as expected. :)
Thanks for the Input

Thanks for responding to my question. I expected that my "fanny tickle" comment would not slip by. Based on your comments, I will soon return to the dealer and be more firm this time. The dealer did open a case number for me so that I can persue this farther through customer satisfaction. I'll report the resolution (hopefully there will be one).

If you have some time to read XM Radio & Brake Squeal Thank You! you'll see my complaint (over & over ad nauseam) regarding having to bring the XLR in for every single problem, three times or more.

Some dealers are better than others, of course, but it sounds like many in this forum want to go to "their" dealers who are nice, respectful, and clueless about XLR's, because they are so new, complex, and the mechanic actually has to be able to read English to research EVERY problem with servicing this car (maybe they speak English in TX or CA, but not in NY!

My recommendation (its been working for me since discovering this forum) is to print out all of the answers from the forum, and bring it to the service manager on the 1st visit.

This makes it MUCH harder for them to B.S. you and get rid of you, because your showing them proof from 5 or 10 other owners, that the car ISN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THIS!

Mine was the brake squeal issue (muched discussed here). Without the forum, I was told "they squeal just like Porche brakes, get used to it". With the forum I got a new set of rotors and brake pads all under warranty--thanks to the forum I even had the service bulletin for the dealer to read--they thanked me for it :yesnod .

I've said it b4, this forum rocks!!!

--Bob (Dadonator)
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Dadonator said:
If you have some time to read XM Radio & Brake Squeal Thank You! you'll see my complaint (over & over ad nauseam) regarding having to bring the XLR in for every single problem, three times or more.

Notice he said READ
PLease don't post there anymore!! :D
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